Prevention: A key to your overall health

Posted on January 19, 2020 by admin

A famous saying goes like “An ounce of prevention is worth of a pound of cure”. It simply means it’s better to stop something before it occurs rather than fixing it after it has happened. And in today’s scenario, it has gained grounds tremendously.
In present scenario, everyone faces difficulties either in their personal or professional life. One of the common aspect is Health. Good health is very important for a successful life. The best idea to keep away diseases is to prevent it before it affects us.

Generally, we all ignore the initial symptoms of a disease and consult a doctor when the problem becomes complicated. As soon as you see any symptoms, it is preferable to go to a doctor. Negligence in the early stage can be dangerous for your health.

For a healthy lifestyle, health education and awareness is very necessary. Some of the critical diseases can be avoided by simply taking precaution. Vaccination is the best method for preventing some common diseases.

By applying some good habits like eating hygienic food, regular exercise, health screenings, get proper and adequate sleep, and avoiding bad habits such as drinking, smoking, drugs, we can ensure we become healthy in the long run.

Stop being addicted to something, stay aware about the cleanliness of your surroundings and yourself can prevent you from many disease and helps you to live a healthier life.
Increase the intake of fresh fruits and cut-off the consumption of fried and packed foods. Play any sport you like which would help you stay fit and healthy. It also improves blood circulation and oxygen intake in the body.

You can also join some yoga or fitness clubs to stay healthy as they would provide you daily assistance in changing your lifestyle from good to better. One must take preventive methods rather than accepting the cure for themselves.

Thus we can say, Prevention is better than cure. It saves money and helps us in living a happy and healthy life. One should follow this principle for enjoying life to the fullest.

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