Effective tips for keeping a healthy back

Posted on January 19, 2020 by admin

Back aches have been a mood spoiler for many of us in our daily routines. Whether we are busy in an official meeting, an informal gathering, or enjoying a day off with our closed pals, we constantly have to be under the fear of getting pain at any time.

In order to get relief from this monster, we are giving some authentic tips that will enable you to live a healthy life, and complete your daily tasks without any hassles:

1. In case of continuous pain, visit a qualified chiropractor

If you feel continuous pain in your spine or joints, you must not ignore it and should visit a qualified chiropractor. He will examine you properly and would suggest treatment according to it.

2. Have a regular regime for exercise

One should regularly do exercise in order to be healthy. You can also try running or jogging which helps to keep your body in good shape. One can also do yoga for the same.

3. Try to bend your knees, not your back in exercise

You should not put stress and more movements on your back as this could hamper your back. Instead you should bend your knees for reducing the stress.

4. Lift objects by keeping them close to your body

While lifting any object, kneel down on your knees and move it closer to your body and lift with the stress on your legs not on the back.

5. Maintain a correct posture in your official hours

Make sure your workspace is well set up for your height and functionality. Choose a chair that provide back support. Take regular breaks from the same position causes tightening and makes them immobile.

6. Make efforts to lose that extra weight

Try to reduce your extra weight. This can be done by regular exercises and avoiding fried and junk foods.

7. Quit smoking

Smokers are more prone to back pains as nicotine reduces the blood flow to the discs that protects vertebrae.

8. Use a pillow suited to your height while resting

While resting use a pillow under you according to your height as it will raise the back and no direct pressure is exerted on it.

The age old saying “Precaution is better than Cure” holds good grounds in this context also. By following the above tips one can attain a healthy painless back and can enjoy life better.

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