Chiropractors vs. Medicine care

Posted on January 19, 2020 by admin

All types of medical professionals play a different role in resolving health issues. It is important to know the basic difference about the Medical Doctor (MD) and Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) to understand their role.

Medical doctors and Chiropractors are licensed and trained doctors. They both examine, diagnose and treat their patients in a different manner. Medical doctors have expertise in physiology and Chiropractor Doctors have expertise in anatomy of body.

There is a big difference in the methods of practice and the type of treatments they provide.

Chiropractors are mainly trained in musculoskeletal health and neurology. MD’s provide pharmaceuticals and surgery treatment while DC’s provide drugs free hands-on approach and suggest on diet and exercise.
Office visit to a MD and CD is also a different experience. Medical doctors just take a small amount of time to understand your issues, perform a brief clinical examination and prescribe some drugs or medical procedures. On the other hand, Chiropractic Doctors need an extended amount of time to understand your problem.

A chiropractor has more personal relationship with patients. Chiropractor will diagnose your physical symptoms as well as your lifestyle and provide you an appropriate treatment. Chiropractor provides you “Physical Medicine” such as spinal adjustment, disc decompression, hot and cold treatment, exercises and nutrition suggestions.

Chiropractor treats you by providing physical assistance for removing your pain by using chiropractic services, special diets and some sets of exercise to be performed at home so that pain is reduced faster. Medial doctors prescribes medical assistance to the patient and are not concerned about dietary parameters to a great extent.

Chiropractors can only use physical exercises and services for reliving the patient from pain and can offer him some solutions or herbs to apply on the affected area. Whereas Medical Doctors can prescribe the patients with medicines and can do surgeries which are not allowed in the case of chiropractors.
We have observed the basic difference between the working styles of both these professionals. In general DC’s can treat musculoskeletal problems much better than MD’s. In some special cases, if the condition is not in their scope they can refer you to a medical doctor.

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