Know about Spinal Manipulation

The term “Spinal manipulation” originated from ancient Chinese medicine in 2700 B.C., and now it has become the most frequently used non physician primary health provider techniques.

Spinal manipulation is also known as chiropractic adjustment, spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) or manual physiotherapy. It incorporates all types of manual techniques used in musculoskeletal pain relief including chiropractic techniques.

Spinal manipulation is designed to relive pressure on the joints, reduce inflammation and improve nerve function. It is often used for treating back, neck, shoulder pains and headaches. It is also used for treating menstrual and sinus pains.

Spinal manipulation is a process for identification and treatment of joint dysfunction in which therapist use their hands or other instruments to apply controlled and sudden force on joints to restore the normal motion of joints.

Various techniques are used for spinal manipulation .One of the most commonly used technique is HVLA (high velocity low amplitude) thrust. HVLA technique places force on specific areas of the body for providing therapeutic effect. Some other techniques are toggle drop, the lumbar roll and low force or no force adjustment.

Spinal manipulation is an efficient technique for proper alignment of vertebrae so that there will be no free space between the spine’s discs .If there is a space between spinal discs, then it causes irritation and swelling along with musculoskeletal pain.

Spinal manipulation can be seen as the safe treatment for lower back pains if done by trained practitioners. It uses the mobilization and manipulation techniques to restore the movement of restricted joints. It also provide elasticity to the muscles and other soft tissues.

Spinal manipulation may be an unfamiliar term for you but nothing is there to be afraid about it. It is an old age technique which provides safe, gentle and effective results immediately. It can relieve back pain, increase range of motion in joints, and reduce muscle tension and help your body to function better.

Back aches have been a mood spoiler for many of us in our daily routines. Whether we are busy in an official meeting, an informal gathering, or enjoying a day off with our closed pals, we constantly have to be under the fear of getting pain at any time.

In order to get relief from this monster, we are giving some authentic tips that will enable you to live a healthy life, and complete your daily tasks without any hassles:

1. In case of continuous pain, visit a qualified chiropractor

If you feel continuous pain in your spine or joints, you must not ignore it and should visit a qualified chiropractor. He will examine you properly and would suggest treatment according to it.

2. Have a regular regime for exercise

One should regularly do exercise in order to be healthy. You can also try running or jogging which helps to keep your body in good shape. One can also do yoga for the same.

3. Try to bend your knees, not your back in exercise

You should not put stress and more movements on your back as this could hamper your back. Instead you should bend your knees for reducing the stress.

4. Lift objects by keeping them close to your body

While lifting any object, kneel down on your knees and move it closer to your body and lift with the stress on your legs not on the back.

5. Maintain a correct posture in your official hours

Make sure your workspace is well set up for your height and functionality. Choose a chair that provide back support. Take regular breaks from the same position causes tightening and makes them immobile.

6. Make efforts to lose that extra weight

Try to reduce your extra weight. This can be done by regular exercises and avoiding fried and junk foods.

7. Quit smoking

Smokers are more prone to back pains as nicotine reduces the blood flow to the discs that protects vertebrae.

8. Use a pillow suited to your height while resting

While resting use a pillow under you according to your height as it will raise the back and no direct pressure is exerted on it.

The age old saying “Precaution is better than Cure” holds good grounds in this context also. By following the above tips one can attain a healthy painless back and can enjoy life better.

Chiropractic care is a natural method of health care. It has become more popular these days. Chiropractic treatment is considered as the best treatment for the musculoskeletal problems.

Many people have lots of misconceptions about chiropractic care. Here are some myths and facts about chiropractic care which everyone should know to understand it well.

Myth #1 Chiropractic care is only used for back pain treatment:

Chiropractic treatment is not only for reducing back pain. It is also used in reducing neck pain, muscle pain, joint pain and improve breathing problems. It is helpful in improving your overall health.

Myth#2 Chiropractors are not considered as doctors:

It is a common myth but it’s not true. Chiropractors are licensed doctors as any other medical doctors. They have equal importance like the doctors.

Myth #3 Chiropractic treatment is dangerous:

People think that Chiropractic treatment is not safe and can damage your bones .But the fact is, it’s safe and effective when performed by trained professionals.

Myth # 4 Chiropractic treatment is an everlasting process:

It’s always thought that once you visit to a chiropractor, you need to keep going for the rest of your life. It’s not true because it completely depends on your rehab schedule.

Myth # 5 Chiropractic care is costly:

People think that chiropractic treatment is too expensive. But it is not true. Chiropractic care does not include high cost diagnosis and treatment .It is simple and cost effective process.

Myth #6 Adjustments are painful:

People think that the adjustments made would be very painful but it’s not like that. Most of the time, adjustments are not painful and patients feel relived after treatment.

Myth #7 Children don’t need a Chiropractor:

Usually people think that children don’t need of services of a Chiropractor but it’s not a valid point. Chiropractic care is safe and necessary for children of all ages.

Hence, it is necessary to understand these facts about chiropractic treatment. Everyone should know about the health benefits of chiropractic care and take advantages of it for a healthy lifestyle. Remember, the benefits can be availed only when you have complete and authentic information on the desired topic.

A famous saying goes like “An ounce of prevention is worth of a pound of cure”. It simply means it’s better to stop something before it occurs rather than fixing it after it has happened. And in today’s scenario, it has gained grounds tremendously.
In present scenario, everyone faces difficulties either in their personal or professional life. One of the common aspect is Health. Good health is very important for a successful life. The best idea to keep away diseases is to prevent it before it affects us.

Generally, we all ignore the initial symptoms of a disease and consult a doctor when the problem becomes complicated. As soon as you see any symptoms, it is preferable to go to a doctor. Negligence in the early stage can be dangerous for your health.

For a healthy lifestyle, health education and awareness is very necessary. Some of the critical diseases can be avoided by simply taking precaution. Vaccination is the best method for preventing some common diseases.

By applying some good habits like eating hygienic food, regular exercise, health screenings, get proper and adequate sleep, and avoiding bad habits such as drinking, smoking, drugs, we can ensure we become healthy in the long run.

Stop being addicted to something, stay aware about the cleanliness of your surroundings and yourself can prevent you from many disease and helps you to live a healthier life.
Increase the intake of fresh fruits and cut-off the consumption of fried and packed foods. Play any sport you like which would help you stay fit and healthy. It also improves blood circulation and oxygen intake in the body.

You can also join some yoga or fitness clubs to stay healthy as they would provide you daily assistance in changing your lifestyle from good to better. One must take preventive methods rather than accepting the cure for themselves.

Thus we can say, Prevention is better than cure. It saves money and helps us in living a happy and healthy life. One should follow this principle for enjoying life to the fullest.

All types of medical professionals play a different role in resolving health issues. It is important to know the basic difference about the Medical Doctor (MD) and Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) to understand their role.

Medical doctors and Chiropractors are licensed and trained doctors. They both examine, diagnose and treat their patients in a different manner. Medical doctors have expertise in physiology and Chiropractor Doctors have expertise in anatomy of body.

There is a big difference in the methods of practice and the type of treatments they provide.

Chiropractors are mainly trained in musculoskeletal health and neurology. MD’s provide pharmaceuticals and surgery treatment while DC’s provide drugs free hands-on approach and suggest on diet and exercise.
Office visit to a MD and CD is also a different experience. Medical doctors just take a small amount of time to understand your issues, perform a brief clinical examination and prescribe some drugs or medical procedures. On the other hand, Chiropractic Doctors need an extended amount of time to understand your problem.

A chiropractor has more personal relationship with patients. Chiropractor will diagnose your physical symptoms as well as your lifestyle and provide you an appropriate treatment. Chiropractor provides you “Physical Medicine” such as spinal adjustment, disc decompression, hot and cold treatment, exercises and nutrition suggestions.

Chiropractor treats you by providing physical assistance for removing your pain by using chiropractic services, special diets and some sets of exercise to be performed at home so that pain is reduced faster. Medial doctors prescribes medical assistance to the patient and are not concerned about dietary parameters to a great extent.

Chiropractors can only use physical exercises and services for reliving the patient from pain and can offer him some solutions or herbs to apply on the affected area. Whereas Medical Doctors can prescribe the patients with medicines and can do surgeries which are not allowed in the case of chiropractors.
We have observed the basic difference between the working styles of both these professionals. In general DC’s can treat musculoskeletal problems much better than MD’s. In some special cases, if the condition is not in their scope they can refer you to a medical doctor.

It has always been well stated that “Health is wealth”. For completing the countless tasks in our daily life, we need to have a sound body. We need all the body parts to be in proper shape, in order to ensure a healthy living.

A healthy back is supported and protected by flexible elastics discs and well-conditioned muscles. When any of these are diseased, injured or some other problem occurs, it leads to back pain and other problems.
Unfortunately, due to excess work load, we are unable to give adequate time for our body. Slowly and gradually, we start losing focus on our work, and as a result, our personal and professional life suffers a lot.

Back pain refrains us from getting adequate exercise, and consequently, other problems like stiffness, numbness in body parts and ligaments start creeping in. This drastically hampers our work area, and we get stressed very easily.

We need a health back in each and every aspect of our life. Be it personal event or a professional gathering, we need the support from our back to give our best shot. If we suffer from a painful back, it gets easily witnessed in our behavior, and so, our daily activities get duly affected.

The importance of a healthy back cannot be undermined. In every sphere of life, we have to work towards the attainment of goals, and without a healthy back, it becomes practically impossible.

What you eat impacts your back health, one should intake nutritious food to stay healthy. Regular exercises is good for keeping the back healthy. The maintenance of good muscle tone, strength and flexibility is not only healthy for back but also prevent spinal injuries.

All exercises are beneficial to health but it must be recognized that running and jogging puts specific stress on spine and knee joints. Today most of the people practice yoga for getting relief from back pain. Before starting yoga, one must consult a yoga expert and should follow the basic guidelines prescribed.

Ever heard the word “Posture”? Do you know what exactly Posture means? Posture is a way in which your body is positioned when you are sitting, standing and lying down. Good posture means proper alignment of your bones, muscles, ligaments and joints.
For good health, it is very essential to maintain a good posture. A good posture affects how you look and feel. If you want to be fit, you should maintain a good posture. It plays a vital role in your personal and professional life.

Some benefits of a proper posture are as follows:

• Good posture helps in avoiding back pain and neck pain.
• It helps in keeping your joints in proper alignment and preventing muscle aches and muscle fatigue.
• Good posture facilitates proper breathing. Proper breathing improves your thinking ability and concentration.
• If you maintain a good posture, it improves your self-confidence and you look smarter and attractive.
• Good posture provide mobility and flexibility of your body.
• Good posture also increase your thinking ability and concentration levels.
• It prevents the spine from becoming damaged due to improper positions.
• Good posture also decreases the stress on ligaments holding the joints of spine together.

Poor posture habits are generated due to careless sitting, standing, sleeping habits, excessive weight, foot problems, muscle imbalance etc. If you are having a poor posture, you can have joint stiffness and feel pain in neck, back, arms and legs. Poor posture can limit your range of motion and increase discomfort.

Good posture is essential for your healthy back and neck. Correct sitting and standing positions will affect your spine in better ways. Good posture doesn’t mean that your body should be stiff while sitting or standing rather you should sit in a proper manner to avoid health issues.

For a good health, it’s necessary to evaluate the importance of a good posture. It is important to maintain a good posture and you can do it by regular exercise. Your chiropractor can assist you in maintaining a good posture.

Landscape architecture is the art of arranging and modifying landscape for various sites to bring an aesthetic and natural look to the site. In this architectural form, a small piece of landscape is created within the given site using some of natural and man-made sources.

In simple terms, it is the designing of outdoor environment like designing parks and gardens according to the buildings and roads. It covers a huge area which could be seen as creating the balance between the artificial and the natural environment.

Landscape architecture is the art of composing landforms, water, vegetation, buildings, paving and climate to make the outdoor spaces look good. It can be seen as the arrangement between buildings and open lands for human use and enjoyment.

It requires a versatile approach involving environmental science, art, ecology and more to restore extraordinary results. It is related with both rural and urban areas and at all scales from small opens to wide regions.

It includes the following specializations within their profession namely- Landscape design, Urban design, Site planning, Regional landscape planning, Park and recreation planning, Land development and ecological planning, Landscape reclamation and restoration etc.

Landscape architect has a special commitment to improve the quality of life by designing eco-friendly and pleasant places. It combines both natural and manmade environments that link a person to more enjoyable, inspirational and sustainable places or communities. The basic aim is to give a unique and eye-catchy layout to our places.

To fulfil all these purposes, there are several landscape architects which are specifically trained to achieve these objectives. Landscape architects are state-licensed design professionals who create designs, construction documents and specifications that consist of allocations, arrangements and construction of land elements and water resources.

They are given special training and have complete knowledge of the plants and other natural and manmade resources which are being used. Landscape architecture is the art of creating outdoor spaces by keeping client’s need and preserving environment in mind. Ultimately, their basic objective is to convert our living places into complete relaxing atmosphere, without hampering the environment.

Green architecture is the approach of saving energy by using sustainable energy sources and minimizing the adverse effects of modern day creations on human health and environment. It is basically the designing of buildings and structures that are environment friendly and which reduce the use of non-renewable sources in their construction.

Green architects are the architects who design buildings which are having renewable sources of energy, for e.g., solar panels and other innovative features that minimize the use of energy and help in sustainable living. The ultimate objective is to make the best use of sources of energy that can be regenerated.
The buildings created under green architecture are known as green buildings. There are multiple benefits of green buildings. The most important being they use sources of energy that are not hazardous to our environment. They are classified basically in three forms namely- Environmental, Economic and Social.

Green architecture focuses on using non synthetic and non-toxic materials for building. They use energy efficient lighting and appliances and water-saving plumbing fixtures. In simple terms, it lays importance on reducing the over-dependence on environment and ultimately helping to reduce depletion of resources.
The various environmental benefits that are attained through green buildings are emission reduction, water conservation, storm water management, temperature moderation and waste reduction. All these benefits help in maintaining environmental balances and saving our future generations from various health hazards.

Green buildings promote and protect the ecosystems and biodiversity as it improve the quality of air and water and also reduces the solid waste by conserving natural resources. Since these buildings are ecofriendly and depends on natural sources, they receive reduced utility bills and the operating cost also decreases to a good extent.

Green buildings not only improve the indoor and outdoor environment quality, but also its maintenance cost is very low as most of them do not require exterior painting. As a result, it gives a little less burden on the bank accounts of their residents, and this money can be used in some other productive purposes.
Green buildings also provide the combination of economic and social benefits which lead to increased property value, decreased infrastructural strain, sales improvements and healthier lifestyle with complete recreations facilities.

As a safe conclusion, it can be stated with the growing dependence on environment, our resources will be slowly and gradually depleted. To save our environment, we must focus on using renewable sources of energy and increase the construction of Green buildings.

Architect vs interior designer has always been a contradictory point for both designing as well as academic field. Architects and interior designers both are highly trained professionals and have accurate knowledge of architectural principles.
As far as work profiles are concerned, architects mostly work for the basic structure of the project and are authorized to make changes through it. Interior designers are only allowed to change those parts which do not interfere with the actual structure of the project.

An architect designs the complete structure to be built over the site and don’t have to mix with the interior designs of the structure whereas an interior designer works on the interior parts of the building.
Working styles of both architect and interior designer are completely different. An architect does program planning that how the structure would be designed keeping client’s need and reviews in mind, whereas an interior designer works according to the space available in the structure and tries to furnish it with his creative skills.

Architect has to get the state building codes and other critical documentation completed for working. As he is responsible for the designing and correctness of the building. Interior designer can suggest structural changes to walls, windows, furnishings, etc. They don’t have to make architectural plans and get it approved by the concerned authorities.

The main focus of an architect is to make a design which is perfect and satisfies all the criteria of the designing and construction process. He basically works on the structural part of the project. Whereas interior designers works with the fabrics, furnishings, paintings, flooring, wall covering and artistic touch.

An architect needs to have skills in broader way as compared to interior designer as they have to lay the structural part keeping the need and requirements of locality and client in mind. But interior designer has to change the interiors of the place and make it creative and unique.